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officer_cutch's Journal

Officer McCutcheon
11 May 1983
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I'm Taylor McCutcheon a patrol officer with the NYPD. Most people call me Cutch.

I grew up in Providence, Rhode Island with my mom, Kristen. She was 16 when I was born and had problems with drugs and alcohol my whole life. My dad, Jeff, was only a year older than her and left as soon as I was born. Last time I checked he was working on Capitol Hill in Washington DC and doing well for himself. I have no interest in contacting him and will never forgive him for abandoning my mom. I am however, very close with his mom, my grandmother, Mary Beth. She was my second mother and took care of me when my own mom couldn't.

We moved around from apartment to apartment, and even friend’s couches, when my mom couldn’t pay rent as a waitress. When she did a stint in rehab when I was 12 for cocaine possession I lived with my grandparents. I moved back in with my mom when she got out claiming to be clean, but she soon after relapsed.

I came close to failing out of school as a kid. My mom didn’t care what I did so I ditched a lot and got suspended for fighting. I was a small white kid who lived in mostly Portuguese and El Salvadorian neighborhoods, which made me a walking target for getting jumped. I always loved playing soccer though, everyone in the neighborhood did. I was small but wicked quick, and when I got to high school I made the Varsity team. When my grandfather died Mary Beth pleaded with me to turn my life around. She's a smart woman, a Wellesley graduate, and she helped me get through high school and attend Rhode Island College on a soccer scholarship where I majored in Justice Studies.

After school I moved to Boston and entered the Police Academy. I was a patrol officer with the Boston Police Department for two years before being transfered to New York City.

I live in a small one bedroom place in the crummy party of Alphabet City at Avenue D and 8th. It's not great, a shoebox as Wheeler calls it, but it's all I need.

I am known to be very level headed. I'm not overly concerned with making myself look good and following all the rules, but I do usually play by the books. I lack the over excitement that a lot of rookies have, but can be just as hesitant. Domestic violence cases shake me up the most after watching my mom get beat up by so many of her boyfriends over the years. I tend to bottle up my emotions instead of showing them, and my best release is to go for a walk along the water. After growing up in the Ocean State I love the calmness of the ocean, but really any large body of water will do. I connect pretty well with the people that usually hate cops, junkies, prostitutes, etc. I don't take BS, but am pretty low key about it.

I have a thick Rhode Island/Boston accent that’s even worse on the rare occasion I'm upset. I still love soccer after playing it competitively up into college. I like to play pick up games down at the park on the weekends. Other than that I spend my free-time listening to music and going to record stores. I love classic rock but will listen to anything from underground rap to new wave to 70s punk. My apartment is full of CDs and old vinyl records. I drink and smoke occasionally. I love cheap coffee, Portuguese food and the Boston Red Sox and have a habit of playing with paper clips when I'm bored and sitting at my desk.

Right now I'm just getting used to NYC. Hopefully someday I'll make detective. We'll see.

This is a fictional journal for the RPG lawandorder_siu
Taylor McCutcheon is an original character created by specialk711 and is played by the actor Ryan Phillipe.

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