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Work problems and family problems can suck it. Between the CO at the 2-4 scheduling me for all the overtime graveyard shifts citing noise complaints and pickin' up high schoolers for curfew or havin' weed, wicked pathetic, (was told by Colacioppo it was 'cause I was most cost efficient for overtime and the City's cuttin' back on the budget) and spending my days off driving up between Providence and here I barely have time to go to the bar, watch the C's and Sox... oh and see Becca. Yeah I'm just as surprised she's still hangin' around me, She even has introduced me to her school friends, I'm takin' that as a good thing,

My grandma finally fell victim to her house. Gotta love the triple deckahs in New England that are older than hell, stacked together wicked narrow and cram 3 families in one. My grandma is one of the few people who has all 3 floors in the house and she makes use of it. Bless her soul but the woman has never thrown nothing away her whole life. She has stacks of newspapers older than me that she claims are important. Anyway like old people have a tendency to do, she tripped on some of the crap (probably the chair from like 1973 on the second floor, fell down the stairs, was alone most of the day and broke her hip. So I've been helpin' her out. Then trying to help my ma who really is beyond help. Her old boyfriend is out of Warwick on patrol so he's back with her.

Life hasn't been all that miserable. For example the C's have been doin' wicked awesome. And most importantly my birthday. 3 important Bs, beer, Boston baseball and Becca. The tickets weren't even nosebleed, it was wicked sweet. She didn't seem as thrilled that the Sox destroyed LA, but someday she'll understand how important this kinda stuff is.

I gotta go, another shift. Hopefully there's no flasher again tonight.

McGuivering Around

What a freaking month. Christmas was... yeah. And New Years... yeah. I'll share more later. I kinda got to coordinate with Becca to make sure I don't share anything she wants kept private. Gotta good slap cross the face last time that happened and I'm trying to avoid it.

But dammit. Here I am ready to start my day off with a nice cup'a coffee and the Pats game and my coffee maker breaks on me. I'm usually okay at fixin' things but it was cheap and is just fried. I would get another one but getting dressed to go out seems like to much effort and most of all, even a wicked cheap coffee maker is out of my budget right now (thanks NYPD entry level pay cuts... I need money now not on my pension if and when I'm 90).

So I'm tryin' to make coffee on the stove. So far I haven't burnt the place down (which is amazing, I doubt the NYFD has done code checks here since I was in elementary school) but then again its also my first time usin' the stove here (I even make ramen in the microwave :shrugs:)

The coffee is a little gritty but nothin' a couple shots of Bailey's (maybe I could buy a damned coffee machine if I didn't spend as much money on liquor, but I like to think of it as a job expense, no one in their right freakin' mind could be a NYPD cop and not drink unless they went through some kinda program).

Now it's time to drink my coffee, watch some football and enjoy my day off. Because of course I get to work on MLK Day.

Women... :shakes head:

She doesn't hate me. Wow. Here I was thinking she'd run off with this rich, successful older guy. She should have. She probably would have been a lot better off than sticking around here with me. My idea of a good date is a sports bar with cheap pitchers. Not that it'd be a real date with us, but yeah...

She even offered to come up to Providence with me. Company for the drive. There's no way I'd ever subject her to my mother, especially in the state she'd been lately. But yeah... that felt good. Can't remember the last time someone has cared like that. And with the way my mom has been lately, I'll probably have to take her up on that offer. I can only drive up 95 by myself so many times like that before I start to lose it.

Assuming I haven't started to already.


Sep. 1st, 2008

I need to start reading the whole paper, not just the sports section. I guess there's some sorta strike going on? Who knows.

I'm going up to Rhode Island to meet up with some friends for the long weekend. I'm tempted to call her and see if she wants to come. But I doubt it, we haven't talked in forever. She's probably busy with some older, rich, successful guy. Whatever. I'm starting to sound like a teenage girl.

I'll be back tomorrow for an early morning shift. Sucks being lowest on the totem pole when it comes to gettin' scheduled.

You Are Boxing

You are assertive, strong, and downright aggressive.

You have the power to demolish your opponent...

And you have the endurance to make sure the job is finished.

What Olympic Sport Are You?

I've been watching the Olympics a lot. See I don't have a one track mind. I like more than just the Sox. I like all sorts of sports. Can't wait for soccer to start. Other than that it's just cool to see so many people compete at such a high level. As a former athlete I think it's wicked awesome. A couple of the gymnastics aren't too hard on the eyes either.

It's been a nice distraction too. The only woman I hear from these days is my mom. She needs more money and has been calling me up and guilt tripping me. Somedays she's nice, goin' on about how much she loves me and wants me to come up and visit her and her new boyfriend. That changes quicker than she can throw back a 40, and she'll start sayin' how I think I'm too good for her since I went to college and left town, or that I'm a bastard abandoning her just like my dad did. I know she's high I just don't know what on. She's 41 years old, she's not a kid. Mind you, all through her 20s when I was little, I acted like more of an adult than her. She was doin' pretty well the last few years. Kept a steady job, didn't drink a whole lot, wasn't around any loser guys... That changed pretty quick. It's pathetic how quick she'll throw everything away for someone who says they love her or will get her high, one in the same in her mind. Part of me wants to leave her be and figure it out on her own. But deep inside I'm afraid if I do that, she'll never get it together and die. It's a lose-lose situation.

Yeah... enough about that. Once again sports are a good distraction. When I'm not at work I'm watchin' em or I'm out at the gym. Soccer kept me outta the gangs when I was a kid, got me a scholarship when I wouldn't have gone to college, and still is helping me out now.

Well sports and beer.
The most important time of my year starts tonight. 7 o' clock tonight, start of the Sox-Yankees series. I asked for the night off months ago and nothing will be interrupting me. You can find me at the bar (like you'll be looking or something).

Let's see, what's been special in my life lately...

I spent the entire day of the 4th on patrol. Took a couple drunks who thought flashing the neighborhood was patriotic down to the tank, gave out a couple citations for teenagers terrorizing a squirrel with fireworks and had to keep dealing with this old broad who kept harassin' us on the street and telling us it was the apocalypse. And no, don't think that was special 'cause of the holiday, that's pretty much the norm for me. We're still writing up citations though for illegal fireworks. You'd be amazed by some of the small explosives people think are okay to have in the City. Where do they think we are? Wyoming or somethin' like that? I thought my family made me hate holidays. I think being a uni makes me hate them more. People are crazy.

Other than that I've just been laying low. My mom's been calling a lot. She wants money. She claimed to be clean and working last time I checked so I don't see why she needs help with her rent... Not like I trust her or anything. Just like I always I try, like something has changed or something. :scoffs: Yeah right. I finally sent her a couple hundred, she'll probably use it on booze or junk. I don't know why I did it, like I said, nothing has changed.

Been seeing Becca a lot. We even got up to Providence on Father's Day to see a PawSox game. Just two essentially fatherless people enjoying an afternoon of nice wholesome fun... until we got too drunk to drive back to New York and got stuck staying in Rhode Island for the night. We're still just friends though. Friends who like to drink a lot together, sometimes yell at each other and then sleep with each other.

Shut up Jack. We're just friends.

OOC- I stole that piece about Cutch's 4th from an entry I wrote for his prompt journal. Generally the prompt LJ is AU, but this part happened to overlap.

May. 31st, 2008

I've still been... seeing Becca. She even got me a birthday present. Polo shirts. (Don't say anything) But yeah, it's nothing serious. We're just having fun.

Last night at dinner the waitress IDed me when I ordered a drink, then wished me a Happy Birthday. Becca was surprised and wanted to know why I didn't tell her. I said it was because no birthdays after your 21st are that exciting.

It's true isn't it? Today I'm 25. The only thing that means is that I can officially rent a car in all 50 states. But that looses some of its appeal after already being allowed to drive an NYPD squad car. :shrugs: I mean driving a cop car isn't even that exciting, let alone renting a regular car.

Becca was gone when I woke up. She had to go home to Connecticut. Problem is, I have to go two hours further, to Providence. I better go if I want to be there by lunch. What a stupid holiday. Anyway I'm off on the road to Rhode Island (and no, that 'Family Guy' reference will never get old).

Apr. 24th, 2008

For once my partner being a total jackass-- err square, actually yes jackass, has worked in my favor. Long story short, at the end of our shift on Saturday we got called up to some stupid noise disturbance by an old lady. I was surprised she could even hear to complain about the party. Anyway we went up there and law school girl from the other weekend in Providence was there. A simple warning wasn't enough for him, he insisted on crashing the party, checking IDs, being a general pig... Then he decided to issue them a summons. I had a change of heart and insisted on writing it.

Needless to say, there is no summons and Becca called me after we left. It was an even better weekend than last week.